Preferred Payment Methods for eCommerce

Country Payment Mix

  • Card-based payments are the most common online payment method in Brazil, accounting for 53% of all transactions. This is likely due to the high penetration of credit and debit cards in Brazil, with 64% of Brazilians over the age of 18 having a debit card and 50% having a credit card.

  • Boleto Bancário is the most popular cash payment method for Brazilian consumers who do not have a bank card. It is used to make over 3.7 billion transactions per year, which represents about 25% of all online payments in Brazil.

  • Pix, a popular instant payment method that enables seamless bank transfers in Brazil, sees around 30,000 transactions processed every minute. This payment method experienced exponential growth recording 124 million users in 2022.

  • An estimated 16 million Brazilians, or 7.8% of the country’s total population, currently own cryptocurrency.

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