Volume of payment systems in Ghana


Direct credit

Check cleared

Mobile money (internet banking, digital wallets, e-checks)

Ghana Interbank Settlement System


GhIPSS Instant Pay

Direct debit

Country Payment Mix

  • Ghana’s society is primarily cash-based, with limited adoption of payment cards due to a high unbanked population of about 54%.

  • Debit cards are the preferred card payment method, mainly used for ATM cash withdrawals. However, e-money and mobile money services are gaining popularity due to their greater accessibility compared to traditional payment cards.

  • The e-zwich card, a national biometric prepaid smart card, utilizes fingerprint recognition at ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) terminals across the country. Since October 2014, public sector workers have received their payments through the e-zwich card.

  • Android’s Mobile Money app is the most popular mobile payment app. Almost 45% of Ghana’s population has a Mobile Money account.

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