Preferred Payment Methods for eCommerce

Country Payment Mix

  • The preferred method of payment for Peruvians is through cards, which account for 51% of all online transactions. Around 12.9% of the population in Peru have locally issued credit cards and 35.66% have debit cards as of 2021.

  • Among the card brands, Visa dominates the market with a share of 52%, followed by Mastercard at 33% and American Express at 1%.

  • Digital wallets and cash were less popular among Peruvians, used for 13% and 12% percent of online checkouts, respectively.

  • In Peru, PagoEfectivo and SafetyPay are the leading eCash payment solutions, enabling millions of Peruvians to conduct online transactions and make purchases. These platforms were acquired by PaySafe, a London-based fintech company, in 2021. As a result, PaySafe now holds a substantial portion of the eCash market in Peru.

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